Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh, Dear Miss Laycock:

Oh goodness, my little dollymops.  Not a day goes by that I’m not unfairly targeted by holier-than-thou arseholes armed with truly awful costume jewelry.  I will say I find it rather delightfully amusing when someone speaks of bloggers creating “unrealistic lifestyles” in one breath while buying three pairs of Louboutins at a sample sale in the next.

Quite frankly, one’s entire self-righteous rant is automatically negated the very minute one begins narrowing one’s eyes at others in a public forum.  Thankfully, I’ve never claimed to be holy or righteous or anything other than -- well, better than you, so I’m under no such obligation to remain consistent.  About this, or about wearing fur coats as a veggie, but it’s okay as long as the animals were tortured sixty years ago and not yesterday.  Distinction, ducks.  It’s all about distinctions.

Don’t hate me for being able to eat deliciously fatty burgers while you have to spend days at a fat farm ingesting nothing but mushy peas and vitamin injections to stay thin for “exhaustion.”
And don’t expect me to create any sort of realistic expectation for anyone.  My lifestyle is glam and fab and if things are sometimes comped for me, who honestly cares?  If anyone is reading my blog strictly for the reviews, they’re barmy anyhow. 

Lastly, sweetie, go get a blowout.  Your hair is unspeakable. 

I’m off to go Christmas shopping.