Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Just a Bloody Hat, You Ingrates

Oh, the peasantry.  Goodness, you little biddies are all up in arms over absolutely nothing these days.  Haven't you anything better to do?  Aren't you all too busy lazing about on the dole to bother with what the upper classes do? 

If you haven't been keeping up, apparently the world is all totally insane over this teensy, super innocent photo I posted on Instagram.  Darlings, it was a fancy dress party.  Chuh.  Naturally evil costumes are permitted.  Do not get all riled up.  Not only was it just fancy dress, it was clearly a very expensive and rare piece of memorabilia, because obviously I would not put just any WWII German hat on my shiny locks.  Also there may have been cocaine and prescription painkillers involved.  Might have been.  I admit nothing.  But if I did admit anything, you can be sure it was pure pharmaceutical and bloody brilliant.  I'm not saying there was, you understand.

But if there was

Also, I completely know Jewish people and they were not offended in the least by this photo.  My mum's accountant said, "What photo?", and the Hollywood agent I met that one time at Fi's house said, "Jonquil, I could not give less of a shit what you do with your time."  So there.

That said, I've decided it was probably in bad form.  I've come up with a new costume for the fancy dress party Hubert Von Hepplewhite-Blankenship is having Saturday next.